The Barn curriculum is guided by All About Preschoolers, by Deborah Cryer and The Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences. The All About Preschoolers curriculum is designed to guide staff to provide what children need for present well-being and future success by providing protection, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities as well as opportunities to develop positive relationships with teachers, adults and peers. The Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences, which is based on the standards for Pre-K in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (revised edition), includes experiences in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering, History and Social Science, Health Education and the Arts.

Interest areas in the classroom at the Barn are available to the children daily and include dramatic play, science and nature, art, sand and water, blocks, numbers and mathematics, fine and gross motor activities, music and movement and literacy.

The classroom offers areas for active play such as big blocks/ramps, a large indoor climber as well as areas for quiet activities, such as a cozy area where children can choose to relax with books and soft furnishings. Each area is available to children for exploration on their own or with groups of children.

Simple journals are created yearly to document each child’s journey.


Daily Routine:

During a typical day at the Barn there is an opportunity for children to play by themselves
and to participate in large and small group activities both indoors and outside on the school’s well-equipped playground. During an extended “free play” period, teachers and parent helpers gather small groups of interested children for cooperative, teacher-directed activities such as cooking, creative movement, and group games. Children have many opportunities to work one on one with teachers on individual projects including a yearly journal. The children all participate in a group time where stories and a light snack are shared. Outdoor play is an important part of each day’s program, except in the most inclement weather.


A Typical Day at the Barn:

9:00: Teachers greet students and families. An extended “free play” period with access to interest centers begins. Daily planned activities begin. There is a free flow of children between these activities and interest centers with teacher guidance and supervision.

10:15: Community Meeting and Clean-up.

10:30: Children participate in a group time where stories, songs, discussion of current topics, and a light snack are shared by all.

11:00: Outdoor play, an important part of each day’s program in all but the most inclement weather.

11:30: Children are picked up by their parents from the outdoor play area.

The above schedule applies to the afternoon program as well with corresponding afternoon times.


 ” We have been overjoyed with our daughter’s experience at the Barn.  She is so comfortable- the first day of school she told us she was all set, that we could leave and come get her later!  Under the guidance of her teachers she has thrived and been supported in her imaginative endeavors.  Not only has her intellectual development been guided and facilitated in an engaging fashion, but her social development has been a pleasure to watch.  She has become a leader among her classmates and for that we credit the inclusive and supportive environment cultivated by her teachers.  Furthermore they have gone above and beyond the call of duty in addressing our daughter’s dietary requirements and allergies.  We highly recommend the Barn to every preschool parent that we meet.”


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