Parental Involvement

At the Barn, parents and teachers work together to ensure that the child’s first school experience is happy and positive.
The school is viewed as an extension of the home. Family picnics, school garden parties, and a pot luck supper for “adults only” are some of the special events held throughout the school year.

As a cooperative, the Barn relies upon parental participation and support. Parental responsibilities take many forms, such as:

Parent Helping

On each class day, there is one parent helper for each class at the Barn. Parent helpers will assist the teachers and children (including your own); set up activities, as directed by the teachers; provide a snack for the class; and help with the daily clean-up.

Each year, a parent helping workshop is conducted at the Barn for all prospective parent helpers. Parents help in the classroom about once every six to eight weeks depending on the program in which their child is enrolled.

This commitment is a wonderful way to become acquainted with all the children in the class, and at the same time have some fun with your child while sharing his/her education.

Facility Upkeep

The Barn facility itself requires a modest amount of attention from all Barn families. This involves helping to maintain a clean, safe, and attractive environment for all.


Committee participation is another way we foster community connections.Each family participates on one of the schools committees each administering one aspect of Barn needs: Extended Day, Health, Maintenance, Membership, Social, Newsletter,Purchasing, Scheduling, and Fundraising. Since the Barn relies on both fundraising and tuition to pay its expenses, each Barn family is expected to help with and participate in fundraising events held throughout the year.

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